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Smith Media Center

Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.each school day.
Librarian Terri Jones 815-932-7413 ext. 242

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Library Policies

The Francis and Jean Smith Media Center at Bishop McNamara High School is a learning resource center available to students and faculty before, during, and after the school day.  Students are welcome in the library and are expected to adhere to the following rules and guidelines:

All students must present a valid and acceptable library pass immediately upon entering the library.  At no time will Ms. Jones accept an incomplete pass or a pass written by a substitute teacher.

Gum, food, and beverages are never allowed in the library.  

All school rules found in the handbook must be followed at all times.

Students who wish to leave the library for any reason must request a hall pass from Ms. J.  Students will not be allowed to visit their lockers, the drinking fountain, or their classes at any time during class periods.  

All materials must be renewed or returned by their due date to avoid overdue fines or other disciplinary action.

All computer agreement guidelines must be adhered to at all times.


Do not use the library as a walkway between hallways in between classes.


Library Passes

Don't Leave Class Without One! 

Students may ask for library passes during the school day when they realize that moving forward in their work is dependent upon being in the library.  Students are aware that library passes are for using library resources, not for group work or visiting with others.  Library passes are for the entire period unless stipulated by the teacher, and students are expected to bring enough work with them to fill an entire period.

The following reasons for passes are unacceptable:  article photocopying, posterboard construction, group work,  web surfing.  Please use the library before and after school for your article photocopying and group work needs. 


Faculty should write passes only for students who are enrolled in their class(es) and who have assignment(s) to complete.

Study hall teacher should not write library passes. 

Passes should be filled out completely, and one pass should be written for each student.

Study hall teachers should instant message the librarian with the number of students the teacher is sending to the library.


Any student who wishes to use the library during homeroom period must ask Ms. J for a pass.  Homeroom passes will be signed only for paper writing or individual research needs.  Students will be expected to work the entire homeroom period and students will NOT be able to leave the Smith Media Classroom when work is completed.  HOMEROOM PASSES MUST BE REQUESTED ANY TIME BEFORE THIRD PERIOD BEGINS. Ms. J will not write homeroom passes for students between third period and homeroom.  Students are expected to report directly to Ms. J after homeroom announcements have been read.


General reading passes are written exclusively by Ms. J for students who wish to browse library materials or read in the library for pleasure during their study hall period.  Only students who are respectful and quiet will be granted reading passes during the school day.  

Borrowing or Renewing Materials

No ID's are required for borrowing materials at the Smith Media Center.

Fiction and nonfiction materials circulate for a 2 week period.

All materials are due back before the semester break, or grades will be held. 

Students are not allowed to borrow materials for other students.  In the case of a lost material, the student who borrowed the material is responsible for the replacement charge.

Students who have a history of repeated overdues and/or losing or damaging materials will lose all library privileges.

If a student is found defacing library material in any way, disciplinary action will ensue and the student will be responsible for replacing the item. 

Renewing Materials

Items may be renewed if the student needs more time as long as another student is not waiting to borrow the material.

Items may not be renewed for an entire semester!

Putting an item on hold

If you wish to borrow material that is checked out, ask Ms. J how to place your name on a hold list for that material by using your library barcode number.

Students will be notified when an item they are waiting for has been returned to the library.  Students will have three days to pick up their material before it is reshelved or passed on to the next person. 

Interlibrary Loan/Reciprocal Borrowing

Interlibrary loan is the process by which students and faculty borrow materials from outside libraries.  Students can search their public library system's webpage and place a hold in one of two ways:

  • If a student wishes to have a material sent to his public library for individual pickup, the student should use her public library card barcode number and pin, which defaults to the last four numbers of the student's library card.  The student will be responsible for picking up the item at the library, and any questions about wait times should be directed to the public library.  Items received through this type of Interlibrary Loan must be returned by the student to any public library in his library system.
  • If a student wishes to have a material sent to the Smith Media Center, the student should write down the title and ISBN number and bring the information to Ms. J, who will place the item on hold.  Once the item has arrived at the Smith Media Center, it will be distributed to the student.  NOTE: THIS PROCESS TAKES A BIT LONGER DUE TO ITEMS BEING MAILED TO THE LIBRARY.  The Smith Media Center is responsible for returning all materials borrowed by Bishop McNamara students.  Students should not return them to their public library.
  • Students should never assume that an interlibrary loan material may be renewed.
  • In most cases, students are limited to two interlibrary loan items at a time.  Exceptions may be made for upperclassmen during the research paper process.
  • Keeping overdue interlibrary loan items borrowed through the Smith Media Center reflects poorly on Bishop McNamara Catholic High School.  The overdue charge for an interlibrary loan item borrowed through the Smith Media Center is $1.00 per day. 

Students may borrow materials from Olivet Nazarene University's Benner Library by requesting a permission slip from Ms. J.  This permission slip must be signed by a parent, Ms. J, and the student's current English teacher.  Courtesy library cards at Olivet Nazarene University expire after one year, and students are responsible for borrowing and returning their own materials to Olivet.  ONU will notify Bishop McNamara Catholic High School if a student has overdue books or has damaged books.

Students may browse Kankakee Community College's Learning Resource Center materials, but these materials are not available for circulation by Bishop McNamara students.

Fines and Lost Items 

Students must pay fines accrued during the previous school year prior to their first checkout of the year.

Students are responsible for returning their materials on time.  Each overdue item costs $0.10 per day.  Fines accrue on days when the library is closed (including weekends) unless the closing is unscheduled.

Students who have outstanding overdue items will not be permitted to borrow materials until the overdue items are returned and fines are paid.

Students who have lost library materials will not be allowed to borrow materials until the replacement cost is paid. The librarian has the authority to determine the replacement cost of a lost material.  The replacement value is calculated by the original purchase price of the material, its current value in the collection, and the actual cost of replacing it.  The minimum fee for any lost material is $5.00.  If the book will be replaced by a new copy, a $2.00 processing fee will be added to the replacement cost.   Occasionally, the librarian will extend the option to the student to replace the exact material (same edition in perfect condition) in a timely manner.   The student will then only owe the library a $2.00 processing fee.

Citing MLA

Give credit where credit is due!

Citing resources is an important part of writing a formal research paper.  Teachers at McNamara present packets to their students outlining exactly how they expect each type of resource to be cited.  While every teacher has a different packet, all formats are the same: Bishop McNamara Catholic High School uses MLA format!  This is the formally adopted citing format as outlined in the Faculty Handbook and as agreed upon by the English Department.

The MLA format can be found in a few different resources, but keep in mind the edition you are using!  MLA is currently in its 6th edition, revised last in 2003.  Some sources include:

1. The research paper packet issued by the student's current English teacher at Bishop McNamara High School.

2. Inside a Writer's Inc. book or in the back of the student's current English textbook.

3. Any MLA documentation handbook, easily found at your local bookstore or library.  Ask any McNamara English teacher or your librarian for the most recently published edition of the MLA Handbook.

4. And, of course, online! Click the link below to take you to Purdue University's Online Writing Lab's MLA Documentation pages.

And, if you're still lost, ask a teacher or email Ms. Jones,

Periodical List (Magazines)

  • The Atlantic
  • CMYK Magazine
  • Forbes
  • The Nation
  • National Geographic
  • Newsweek
  • People en Español
  • Popular Mechanics
  • Psychology Today
  • Saudi Aramco World
  • Scientific American Mind
  • Seventeen
  • Smithsonian
  • Sports Illustrated
  • Time
  • U.S. Catholic
  • Wired

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