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Fall Play, " Hocus Pocus"

Thank You!

Thank you to all who attended "Hocus Pocus" on October 22 and 23, 2016!

Hocus Pocus Cast List

Simon Ross/Peter Ross … Connor Powers

Janet Jones … Piper Johnson

Bella Newell … Caroline Peddinghaus

Harry Windover … David Smith

Mrs. Gravestock … Elizabeth Barajas

Alderman Knebworth … Timothy Harris

Luther Gates … Marcelo Vargas

Claire / Miss Vincent … Aura Rodriguez

Hocus Pocus by Jack Popplewell

Presented by special arrangement with Dramatist Play Service, Inc., New York

Having come into a small inheritance, Vicar Simon Ross generously decides to spend it all repairing his venerable but rather tumble-down church. Not having a head for figures, he innocently runs up bills far in excess of his available finances and soon finds himself in a fix. His fiancée, Janet Jones, sees only one way out—Simon's twin brother, Peter. The idea does not sit well with Simon, for while he and his brother are identical in appearance, they are completely different in every other way and, for that matter, they cordially dislike each other. Still, Peter is a successful financier, reputedly a millionaire. The question is whether Peter will cooperate, but it so happens that this worthy is having some business difficulties of his own, and Simon's plea comes at an extremely advantageous time. He is only too glad to escape to the country for a while, provided that Simon will agree to impersonate him at a potentially stormy stockholders meeting which Peter has been dreading. So the switch is made. After Simon's retiring presence, the breezy Peter is a revelation to Janet, but then Simon manages to work his own magic with his brother's inamorata, Bella Newell. From then on, the plot thickens uproariously as the two brothers attack each other's problems vigorously—and by their own devices.