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Bishop McNamara



Founded upon traditional Catholic core values and principles, Bishop McNamara Catholic School develops the moral conscience and maximizes the potential of each individual student by providing a challenging data-driven curriculum that is infused with Catholic values, taught by highly-trained faculty members, which provides all of our students with the opportunity to meet their highest potential.

Managed class sizes that promote participation, animated student discussions that spill into the hallways, ever-available teachers, specialized staff, and students who truly want to come to school each day – these elements almost magically conspire here to create a daily learning environment where thinking big is embraced, and where new ideas, sometimes big ideas, come to life.

Our teachers invest their time and their hearts in knowing students because they understand that for them to truly become the very best student and the very best human being they can be, they themselves must be more than just a teacher – in fact, they need to be a teacher-mentor-coach-friend-parent-confidante-sounding board-cheerleader, all rolled into one – and at Bishop McNamara Catholic School, our teachers are all these things and so much more.

Junior High Curriculum

Download the full curriculum here.

Senior High Curriculum

Download the full curriculum here.