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Welcome to Mrs. Crowley's Art Page!

Hello! I am so excited as we begin this new school year! Art has always been a passion for me from a young age and I'm thrilled to continue teaching a subject that I love and sharing that with the children.

I have lived in the area since 1998 with my husband Brian of 24 years and 5 children. All of our children have attended Catholic Schools. Our oldest three children, Sean 22, Hannah, 21, and Ethan 19 are graduates of Bishop McNamara High School. Mia and Liam are currently sophmores at the high school. We are believers and supporters of Catholic Education and see good things on the horizon for our newly formed system.

Art is an excellent right brained activity that has benefits for all children. It's not always about the final product but the lessons learned along the way. The children will gain the confidence to make good judgements and learn that there can be more than one right answer. They will learn that there are many perspectives out there and learn to be flexible as they work on projects that don't always go as planned. My motto is "there are no mistakes in art" and I always encourage the children to push forward and find solutions to these "problems."

Your children will also learn the terms to express what they inherently feel about a piece of artwork. "Art" is all around us and much more than markers on paper. From the way we decorate our homes or design custom gymshoes online, there are many creative decisions to make in life and by learning the language of art the children will be able to express their opinions verbally and put the terms to use in practical ways.


Art students were assigned their Artist Masterpiece Analysis and Critique Papers today, Nov. 4th. The completed papers are due Friday Nov. 11th. Writing this paper fulfills their Diocesan Assessment for Art for 7th and 8th grade.


7th and 8th grade students began art this year working on a collaboration piece. They were first introduced to Dale Chihuly, a contemporary blown glass artist. Chihuly creates large scale, multi colored pieces that are created using teams of people and are breathtaking. We worked as a team also, painting recylced water bottles that we collected. We then cut out our bottles into various shapes that imitated some of Chihuly's work, and attached them to a wire frame. It is now proudly gracing our art hallway!

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