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Welcome to my music page!

I have been teaching music for over 20 years and I love it! I have been blessed to have a job which involves one of my passions, music with children. This is my 15th year teaching at the Bradley site and I am very excited about this school year with Bishop McNamara Catholic School! Go Irish!

My most important job is that of a Mom. I have five children, ranging in age from 7 - 21, who keep me on my toes daily. My youngest two are enrolled at BMCS Bradley, my middle child is at the Junior High, my 19 year old is a sophomore at Loyola University Chicago and my oldest is a senior at Augustana College. Both of my oldest children are graduates of St. Joseph School and Bishop McNamara High School.

I attended Illinois State University and graduated in 1995 with a Bachelors Degree in Music, Music Therapy sequence, with voice as my main instrument. Prior to teaching music in a classroom setting, I used my music therapy background within special education, social work in home and independent settings, and Early Intervention. I also teach and direct the King Music Loves Kids program and have been there for 19 years. If your child takes private lessons at King Music, you may see me around!

Musically and artistically, I have experience with voice, piano, trombone, acting, and directing. I love to work with children, young and old! Teaching music is my passion and I believe it is important for every child to have music involved in their daily learning. I am a true believer that music makes you smarter! Some of my other loves are reading, spending time with my family & photography.



Music Class Highlights!

There is a lot going on in music class in 2019 so stay tuned below!

The Christmas program was AMAZING! Congratulations to all of the students who sang their hearts out for our Savior!

Upcoming events...

  • Recorders (4th & 5th grades - mandatory) - January/February/March
  • BMCS Bradley Talent Show (1st through 6th grades - optional) - February 28th
  • Solo & Ensemble (5th & 6th grades - optional) - April 6th
  • Spring musical "A Kid's Life" (4th - 6th grades - mandatory) - May 24th

More information on these activities will be included in the tab below for specific grades and/or activities.

Student/Parent Resources

Contact Ms. Turro

Contact Ms. Turro at

Bishop McNamara Catholic School Bradley Site - 815-933-8013

Grade Levels (Pk - 6)


Preschool will begin the year with fun, interactive music activities that focus on rhythm. I have included some links below to some great songs the children will hear often in my class and will definitely enjoy listening to at home. The first one is a call and response song called No More Pie by Ella Jenkins that we use for learning our solo voice. We sing this song together as a call and response and then individually once the children are comfortable. The next one is called Chewing Gum and is on Lisa Loeb's most recent album. We use this song often in class as a favorite and to learn about vocal expression, tonality and rhythm. We Are the Dinosaurs, by Laurie Berkner, is one of my all time favorite children's songs. This song not only involves vocal expression and tonality, but imagination and gross motor skills. The Monster Stomp is another preschool favorite that works on imagination and gross motor with a little story within the song. 7 8 9 is a super fun number song for kids. The last two are just fun songs for kids to sing along with. Enjoy!


Kindergarten will be starting the year with rhythm and listening activities. I have included some links to some songs the children love during music class below. Chewing Gum and Monster Stomp are two of their favorites! I'm sure they will want to share them with you at home.

We will also be studying a different composer each month, beginning with Johann Sebastian Bach. Below is a link to a Bach coloring page for a supplemental at home activity. The site Classics for Kids also has supplemental information and games about composers.

1st grade

1st grade is already having a blast in music this year! We will begin with some basic music theory skills about rhythm, tempo and dynamics! See some great Music Show episodes below that focus on beats and rhythm.

We will also be studying a composer each month, beginning with Johann Sebastian Bach. The students will be making a composer booklet to take home at the end of the school year. I have included a link below to a coloring page for at-home fun. Classics for Kids is a great site to find other fun composer activity. I have also included that link below.

Here is a couple of great videos about beats and rhythm...

2nd grade

2nd grade began learning about George Gershwin this week. We have learned some fun facts about George and watched this fun cartoon to his most famous composition, Rhapsody in Blue!

Students will be assessed on their singing and rhythm abilities in February so we are reviewing and learning vocal tonality and note values. Below is a short little video which reviews note names and values...

3rd grade

3rd grade has begun to review their music theory skills from last year. We will have our 2nd year of focusing on vocal tonality and rhythm skills. 3rd grade has also begun to learn about composers, starting with Johann Sebastian Bach. The 3rd grade class took home a worksheet on Bach and was given the opportunity to draw a picture to the song below... if they return it, I will give them a small prize. We will be studying one composer each month, except for December. Our next composer will be Ludwig Van Beethoven.

Below is an activity that the students can use to enhance their rhythm skills as we will be starting with music theory this month.

4th grade

4th grade is now getting ready to review their music theory skills! Once we have reviewed and see what we remember and what we need to strengthen, we will be focusing on learning a few new music skills during the beginning of the year! Here are a couple of short and fun videos about the staff and the notes on the lines and spaces.

4th grade will also be introduced to a new composer each month, discussing what kind of music they wrote, listening to some of that music, and learning some fun facts about each composer. We will begin with Johann Sebastian Bach.

5th grade

5th grade music students will briefly review their music theory skills from last year before diving into new music skills, such as note placement on the staff, vocal skills and monthly composer activities. Below are a couple funny and short videos to assist the students in remembering their treble clef note placement. I have also included a picture of the note placement and a rhythm chart, along with a Classics for Kids Musical Dictionary for supplemental information. Our first composer of the month will be Bach with a short informative video at the bottom of this tab. There is also a link at the bottom which will take you to the Classics for Kids Bach page.

Click on the link below to learn more about Bach...

Click on the picture below to use the Classics for Kids Musical Dictionary...

6th grade

6th grade is already learning so much this year in music! We will begin with a review of all of our music theory skills over the past few years and then we will move right on to vocal skills and composers! Students will be introduced to a composer each month with take home activities, fun information and the ability to listen in class and at home to compositions written by these amazing people! I have included some supplemental learning tools below (Bach video & Musical Dictionary), as well as helpful pictures regarding note placement and note values.

Click on the picture below to use the Classics for Kids musical dictionary...

Music Resources and Learning Games for Kids

The following links are fun and interactive sites where your child can play music games, participate in fun music learning activities, help to prepare an opera, learn about the orchestra or just sing! Simply hover over each picture and click to experience the activity.

Music Class Photos

Music for Study and Relaxation

Did you know some kids learn better when listening to music? Here are some links to a variety of great classical pieces! It is so important for children to have safe and alternative ways to deal with worry and stress. Music provides this opportunity and studies have shown that the brain displays happiness and relaxation when listening to music that is pleasing to the listener. Enjoy!

Music Benefits and Resources for Parents

Music really does make your child smarter! And here at Bishop McNamara Catholic School we support learning through music! Below are some links with great information on why and how music is so important at any age!

The Importance of Keeping a Beat article - click on the picture below...

A Piano for Every Child

The Scientific Reasons We Should Teach Music to Kids in School

BMCS Bradley Student Council - 5th & 6th grades (Optional)

Our 2018-2019 Student Council:

  • President... Abby P.
  • Vice President... Natalie M.
  • Treasurer... Emily S.
  • Secretary... Jessica B.
  • Publicity... Meara P.
  • 5th grade Representatives... Rubeigh T., Cydnee O., Isabella R., Alexis M., Ava A., Chase B., Andrea H.
  • 6th grade Representatives... Walter K., David Q., Lydia N., Hailey N.

(2018-2019 Picture Coming Soon!)

So far this year...Student Council has had a super successful Halloween Smencil Sale, a spooky & fun Halloween costume contest with trophies, and an amazing Christmas Carnival!

Coming events for Student Council in 2019... Valentine Smencil sale, a special gift donation to a special family, Friendly Friday, Candygrams, local donation drive, Student Council hosted Talent Show (2/28/19) and a couple surprise events to be announced!

Student Council is a group of 5th and 6th grade students that meet once weekly during lunch/recess to plan and coordinate several different events and activities that benefit the student body.

Take a look back at our 2017-2018 Student Council and some of the activities we did last year!

Guided Imagery for Kids

Below are some guided imagery and relaxation videos with music. The kids LOVE these meditation exercises. Simply click on the picture and it will take you to the video where a voice will guide you and your child through the relaxation process. We have used these to relax around testing time or to simply embrace the quiet and listen to the emotion of the music. Enjoy!

IESA Solo & Ensemble Contest (Vocal) - 5th & 6th grades (optional)

IESA Solo & Ensemble Contest is for interested 5th and 6th grade students who would like to sing a solo or duet (2 students) or small group to perform in front of a judge with an accompanist or acapella.

This year's Solo & Ensemble Contest is scheduled for Saturday, April 6th. Bradley Central will be hosting this year's contest. Events typically run from 8am-3pm.

Practices occur during recess time and after school and it is the sole responsibility of the student and their parents to attend these extra practices, memorize the words and get to the contest on the contest date. Ms. Turro will begin to ask the students about their interest in solo & ensemble immediately after Christmas break as registration is due on January 28th.

Last year we scored...

  • 14 1st place Superior ratings
  • 2 2nd place Excellent ratings

Spring Musical - (4th, 5th & 6th grades)

Each year, our 4th, 5th and 6th grade students put on a Spring Musical and have a blast! They are able to try out for parts as well as help plan, coordinate and decorate! Spring Musical practices occur during music class and after school. Our 2018-2019 musical will be "A Kid's Life" by John Jacobson & Mac Huff. The musical will be performed in the Bradley school gym on May 24th during the school day and in the evening. Stay tuned for specifics on extra practice times outside of school and times of performances.

Talent Show (Optional) - Grades 1-6

Our 2019 Talent Show is tentatively scheduled for February 28th. Once this date is confirmed, I will send home forms for sign-ups, etc. The talent show is open to any child in 1st through 6th grades. The talent must be shown to Ms. Turro for approval prior to the show dress rehearsal. The performance will be during the school day in the gym.

Christmas Program - Grades Pk - 6

What an amazing job the students did at this year's Christmas program! As soon as we know next year's date, it will be posted here!

I will keep these songs up for now just because the kids sometimes like to sing them for a while afterward.

3rd grade only song...

School Highlights!

Every Friday is Spirit Wear Day at Bishop McNamara Catholic School! Wear a spirit shirt/sweatshirt with uniform bottoms.

Upcoming Events (Pre K - 6 Bradley)

There are no events to display