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Enhanced Dual Credit

After completing the sequence of courses, students will have attained an Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) General Education Core Curriculum (GECC) Certificate plus up to 15 hours of additional transferrable level math and science classes.

The IAI/GECC sequence of courses consists of a set of 12 to 13 courses (37 to 41 college credit hours). The optional and additional BMCS STEM sequence adds up to 15 hours of additional college coursework in math and science.

There are over 200 colleges and universities throughout Illinois who have agreed to accept IAI designated credits. There are many public universities out of state that will accept IAI designated credits as well. Please review more information on cooperating institutions.


The Enhanced Dual Credit Program allows students who are college ready to attend college and for students to incur significantly less debt upon college graduation.


This program is open to rising juniors who have college ready standardized test scores. On the ACT, these scores would be 20 in English and 22 in Math. There are corresponding college ready scores for the SAT and for the KCC placement tests. Students need to have the qualifying scores by June 30. Superscoring applies.

Required Courses


3 courses (9 college credits) in which must include English 1, English 2, and Speech.

Social and Behavioral Sciences.

3 courses (9 college credits) in a variety of One of these courses must be US History. You can obtain college credit for US History by taking and passing the AP test while enrolled in AP US History.

Humanities and the Fine Arts

3 courses (9 college credits) in one of the courses that is an option in this category is Intermediate Spanish II. You can qualify for college credit by taking and passing the CLEP test. In this category there are many options in the humanities, literature, music, and art.


1 course in (3 – 5 hours) Options here include Statistics and Calculus.


2 courses in (7 – 8 credit hours) of which one course is in the physical sciences (dual credit AP Chemistry) and one in the biological sciences (dual credit AP Biology).

To add the STEM feature, please add to the above courses two more math classes (math thus includes Statistics and two semesters of Calculus) for 13 hours of math. Also add the second semester of each of the AP science classes for 8 hours of chemistry and 8 hours of biology.

Electives to include ORIN 1503 (College Study Skills) and Statistics.


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