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The latest distinctive forward-looking initiative by Bishop McNamara, the four-year college counseling program, has undergone generous staffing, support and state-of-the-art resource advancements during the past two years. Along with these improvements, dedicated time in school is provided to help students navigate the college search process. With this forward momentum, the school aims to provide comprehensive and effective college counseling marked by individual attention..

The goals of the college counseling office are threefold:

To provide highly professional, proactive, hands-on counseling and guidance throughout the high school years, culminating in the college search;

To represent each student fairly and responsibly, identifying with her or his uniqueness and potential – "to meet each student where they are;"

To enable each student to find a match – fitting her or his ambitions with a college's programs, resources and style.

Bishop McNamara's guidance mission includes readying students for success at the next level and beyond, building necessary life skills. As part of this effort, the school's unique college counseling program includes material designed to appropriately challenge students of each grade.