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Student Success

Office of Student Success

Bishop McNamara Office Student Success accelerates institutional transformation by advancing equity and student success efforts in service to diverse populations, academic excellence, and social justice.

What is the Office of Student Success?

The Office of Student Success oversees and advocates for developing English Language Learners and is responsible for leading and guiding students, families, teachers, and administration on behalf of our growing ELL population. The priority of this is office is to establish communication and relationships with families of ELLs.

Office of Student Success Services

At Bishop McNamara we want to leverage existing resources to the benefit of students and deliver the right support at the right time to achieve equity in student outcomes and build on students' assets. 

We offer the following services;

  • Training for families to ensure student success
  • Translation assistance when necessary
  • Develop and coordinate services in school to support ELL students.
  • Collaborate with administrators, teachers, and parents to implement strategies for a successful learning environment.