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Bishop McNamara


The Bishop McNamara Difference

In choosing Bishop McNamara Catholic School, you are providing your daughter or son with a comprehensive education of mind, heart and spirit in a safe and nurturing environment where students become leaders and leave prepared for the demands of the next level of education.

While other schools may tout their traditions or the sheer number of students walking their hallways, it is the accepting nature of our close-knit student body which encourages individuality, the genuine love of our teachers that inspires self-confidence, the Catholicity of our culture which embeds true character, and the progressive vision of our leadership team that is transforming us into one of the most forward-thinking schools in Illinois. All of this combined is what makes Bishop McNamara Catholic School so very different than anywhere else and so much more than any other school.


At Bishop McNamara we prepare you for every step of your education journey. In an environment like ours, you have the ability to experience incredible growth because you quickly discover that our faculty, staff, coaches and peers take being mentors very seriously. They’ll take the time to get to know you – your interests, goals, and ambitions – and keep you on the right path.


As a Catholic school that openly welcomes students and families of all faiths and backgrounds, we provide you with the time, encouragement and insight to kindle that innate spirituality lying within your heart, so that in good times and bad, wherever life's winding road leads you, you can always rely on its eternal light, its steady warmth and it unerring direction.

As a Diocesan school we strive to instill this philosophy in our students so they practice it in all aspects of their daily lives. The curriculum and co-curriculars are Christ-centered, meaning that Catholicism is integrated into every aspect of the Bishop McNamara experience.


We are a community that welcomes all people. Students at Bishop McNamara come from many different places, backgrounds, and faith traditions. During their time here they are formed as one community that deeply values the diversity of each of its members.

At Bishop McNamara, students learn to be leaders in service of their peers, the community, and the world. Many of our Masses, retreats, and prayer experiences are planned and executed by trained student leaders. Students take an active role in shaping their school and forming the faith of their peers.

Bishop McNamara provides an academic environment which allows all students to be challenged and successful. The comprehensive curriculum is designed to prepare all students the entire education journey - including college. Each student at Bishop McNamara has an individualized curriculum that allows them to achieve at the appropriate level within each subject area.

At the heart of the Bishop McNamara learning environment is the bond between our teachers and our students. Everyone here is known by name and treated as an individual. Managed class sizes that promote participation, animated student discussions that spill into the hallways, ever-available teachers, specialized staff, and young men and women who truly want to come to school every day - these elements conspire here to create a daily learning environment where thinking big is embraced, and where new ideas - sometimes big ideas - come to life.

For more information about Bishop McNamara Catholic School or the Admissions process, contact Emily Skelly, Director of Admissions, at 815-932-7413 or