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Fundraising Guide

When you walk through the doors of Bishop McNamara Catholic School, you become part of a community that embraces you as part of a family. Each member of our family is expected to contribute above and beyond tuition to ensure that we are able to continue to offer an exceptional Catholic education. At all levels, Kindergarten-12th grade, the tuition cost is not the actual cost to educate your child. In an effort to offset the difference between actual per student cost and tuition it is necessary for us to generate income through third source funding, also known as fundraising. This page has been created to specifically define and assist you in understanding the fundraising expectations here at Bishop McNamara.

As a Catholic school, we dedicate ourselves to serving the Catholic Church, the greater Catholic community, as well as the greater Kankakee community. However, any additional fundraising project must have permission of the Bishop McNamara Catholic School administrative team. Any individuals or outside charitable organization requesting fundraising assistance from Bishop McNamara should be directed to Areca Van Mill, Director of Advancement at or 815-932-7413 Ext. 133.

High School Fundraising

Mandatory Fundraiser: Ceile Calendar Sales

This is only mandatory for BMCS families with high school students.

This is a daily raffle with a winner drawn each day of the calendar year. Each Bishop McNamara Catholic School student in grades 9-12 is required to sell 8 calendars or 12 per family for those who have more than one high school student.

The cost of each calendar is $40. We are selling calendars, but the true incentive for those purchasing the calendar is the daily raffle. Winners who are chosen each day will have their stubs re-deposited for future drawings. There is no limit as to how many times a person can win during the year. Daily cash prizes range from $50 to $3,000. Student sales incentives are communicated throughout the sales period.

If you have a Bishop McNamara student in both the high school and grades K-8, your family must designate specifically which student will receive the credit for sold calendars for the purpose of incentives. Families cannot receive BOTH fundability credit AND student sales incentives.

Additional Fundraiser: Bishop McNamara Progressive Raffle Tickets

Just one $100 ticket enters Bishop McNamara Progressive Raffle ticket buyers into multiple drawings throughout the year! Four drawings are scheduled throughout the year for a total payout of $150,000. For more details, visit

K-8 Fundraising

Each family with students in Kindergarten - 8th grade is responsible for fundraising for Bishop McNamara in the following manner:

$450 per school year for families with one child enrolled at BMCS.

$600 per school year for families with two or more children enrolled at BMCS.

Preschool families are encouraged to participate in fundraising, but are not required to do so.

The annual fundraising calendar for fundability commitments runs from May 1st through April 30th of the current school year. We have developed a “Cafeteria Plan” in which parents have options to choose how they will meet their respective fundability commitment. A family may choose to not participate in any of the options offered in the “Cafeteria Plan” and simply write a check to Bishop McNamara Catholic School for either $450 or $600 to cover their respective commitment.

If a family exceeds their fundability commitment, 50% of the excess will be applied toward their tuition for the following school year. For example:

  • Fundability commitment: $450
  • Fundability earned: $550
  • Earned overage or excess: $100
  • 50% of overage toward next year’s tuition: $50

All fundraising balances for Kindergarten – 8th grade families will be tracked on SchoolSpeak and fundraising statements will be sent home quarterly.

Major BMCS Events

These events put the FUN in fundraising! Bishop McNamara relies on the success of four major events throughout the year to celebrate our school community while raising money that directly impacts our students. The events below are also the designated drawing dates for our Bishop McNamara Progressive Raffle!

BMCS Athletic Booster Club Trivia Night | October 20, 2018

The Bishop McNamara Athletic Booster Club is hosting a Trivia Night and the first Progressive Raffle drawing to provide assistance for all athletic programs. Held at the BMCS Kankakee site each team is comprised of 10 persons who create a food and fun theme for their table (ie. sport, cowboy, fiesta, etc.). Everything is BYO - we'll supply the trivia competition. This is a great and inexpensive night to socialize, have fun, and test your knowledge.

ShamROCK Fest | November 16, 2018

ShamROCK Fest features live music, fun, and the second Progressive Raffle drawing! Enjoy multiple bands, dancing, and more. The entire community will be talking about this event long after it’s over. This is a night you don’t want to miss!

Las Vegas In Bradley | March 2, 2019

Las Vegas in Bradley is one of the largest community events of the year drawing over 1,000 people to support the students of Bishop McNamara. The casino-themed event and third Progressive Raffle drawing is held at the BMCS Bradley site and offers all of the experience and energy of a Las Vegas casino. Guests can participate in various games that can be found in actual Las Vegas casinos. Las Vegas in Bradley is sure to provide a night of fun with friends, family, and co-workers. This event is also a great opportunity for school families to fulfill their parent ambassador role to ensure the event’s success.

The Bishop McNamara Annual Dinner Auction | May 3, 2019

The Bishop McNamara Annual Dinner Auction is our school’s largest fundraiser of the year. The event is held each spring with a dynamic theme and decor. The Annual Dinner Auction and fourth Progressive Raffle drawing offers an opportunity to bid on unique and fun items of all categories. Our auction steering committee works year round partnering with the community to help us continue in our mission of providing an excellent Catholic education. It is through this partnership of community and current families that we have succeeded in extending this great event into its 35th year.

Other Ways To Give

In addition to traditional fundraising, Bishop McNamara also relies on the generosity of our supporters through The Fund for Bishop McNamara, the Scholar Society, and Planned Giving.

Please click here for more information about each of these efforts.