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Bishop McNamara Centennial Campaign Hits $4.7 Million!

We are proud to announce that “Continuing the Legacy: The Centennial Campaign for Bishop McNamara”—the single, largest campaign in the history of the school-- has reached $4.7 Million! At the 40th Annual Gala, Mr. Terry Granger, BMCS President, announced that the campaign has been highly successful and exceeded the original goal of $4.5 Million. Surrounded by a crowd of enthusiastic supporters, he also announced that the projects will begin immediately on November 6, 2023. We would like to express our gratitude to all the donors, alumni, parents, and friends who contributed to the success of the Continuing the Legacy: The Centennial Campaign for Bishop McNamara. Your generosity and support make it possible for us to embark on these exciting renovation projects and shape the future.

Here's What Our Students Have To Say


The Academic Success Center and Chapel renovations will begin this fall, providing our students with an enhanced learning environment and a beautiful space for worship and community gatherings. The Chemistry Lab and Athletic Complex renovations will follow in the spring of 2024, further developing our science education and athletic programs.

These renovations will not only benefit our current students but also future generations of Bishop McNamara students. They will provide state-of-the-art facilities that will support academic excellence, spiritual growth, and athletic achievement.

We are thrilled to see the progress that is being  made thanks to the incredible support of our community. This campaign is truly  a testament to the dedication and commitment of everyone involved. We look forward to celebrating the completion of these projects and the continued success of Bishop McNamara.

Thank you once again for your generosity and belief in our mission. Together, we continue  the legacy of Bishop McNamara and ensure a bright future for our students.

Invest in the next generation

Central to The Continuing the Legacy Centennial Campaign are key areas of great need.

Academic  Success Center

Develop an Academic Success Center. Read more


Chemistry Lab

Renovate the existing Chemistry Lab. ​​​​Read more

BMCS Chapel

Construct a chapel in the Round that will be the spiritual
focal point of our campus. ​​​​​Read more

Athletic Complex

Reconstruct the Rich Zinanni Stadium/Athletic Complex. ​​​Read more

Building Financial Security: Growing the Endowment

BMCS Students

Increase the Bishop McNamara Catholic School Endowment. Read more.


How you can get involved

Bishop McNamara Catholic School is searching for partners who want to make a transformative difference in the life of our students.

Now is the time to further your commitment, and it is our prayer that you will join us in not only sustaining this legacy of education, faith, and service—but in assuring its existence for future generations.

An investment in Bishop McNamara is an investment in the next generation. We invite you to seize the opportunity to shake the hearts and minds of this generation’s students who will go on to shape the future of our community and our world.

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Donors helping us build a brighter future

"Bishop McNamara Catholic School has served as a pillar of excellence in education for 100 years. Countless students and their families have been part of the rich and supportive environment provided by the school. The entire Kankakee region is stronger and more vibrant with Bishop McNamara as an educational resource. And with your generous support, that significant impact will continue for many more years."

Jim '68 (Foundation Board President) and Maggie Hansen '68 Frogge

"For 100 years Bishop McNamara has been an integral part of the Kankakee community. While times have changed, the mission to maximize the potential of every student in a faith-based environment endures forever. Now is the time for all of us to boldly stand together as a family with our time and treasure to support our beloved school into the next century."

Bob (Finance Committee Chairman) and Sandy LaMotte '82 Malpasuto

"Over the last 100 years, Bishop McNamara has provided a quality Catholic education to the greater Kankakee County area. So many students' lives have been changed for the better because of the exceptional experience they encountered here. In the spirit of celebration, we must continue to support Bishop McNamara to ensure the next 100 years are as exceptional as the last."

Nick '06 (School Board President) and Meghan '06 Elliott

"We must call upon all friends of Catholic education to help wherever they can. As their support through prayer, labor, and gifts helps them to become partners with us, we will all be truly united in our efforts to continue Bishop McNamara Catholic School education."

Fr. John Peeters, C.S.V., BMCS Executive Pastor


Centennial Campaign Leadership Team

Terry Granger ‘76, BMCS President

Areca Van Mill, Director of Advancement
Chris Stiles, Campaign Counsel - Partners In Mission
Todd Arseneau '86
Kyle '04 and Danielle Vollmer '04 Benoit
Claire Chaplinski ’02
Nick '06 and Meghan Billadeau '06 Elliott
Jim ‘68 and Maggie Hansen ‘68 Frogge
Jim '80 and Lisa Azzarelli '80 Gerth
Sharon Soucie ‘56 Jackson
Elizabeth Marczak '77 Madsen
Bob and Sandy LaMotte '82 Malpasuto
Mike '92 and Nikki Hoevet ‘92 O'Brien
Scott ‘01 and Kim Osenga ‘01 Piggush