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Students Empowered to Share Love of Reading

When a group of our students were in 3rd grade (currently in 5th grade), they knew that they wanted to share their love of reading with the community. The idea of an on-site Lending Library was born and the students persisted to bring it to life. Understanding that a project like this would require funding, they took initiative to come up with ideas to help the cause. They raised money through efforts such as creating and selling a school newspaper and even sold custom-painted rocks to students.

With the help of their teacher, Mrs. Bevis, the Lending Library was created and installed on the BMCS Bourbonnais grounds this summer. The community is invited to visit the Lending Library and participate in the fun of sharing books. When you borrow a book, you replace it with one that you are willing to share with others so that the book offerings vary and grow as more people participate!

At Bishop McNamara, we empower our students to be leaders and make a difference in the community. We're excited to watch the love of reading grow in the community because of the dedication of our students.