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Bishop McNamara


House System

The mission of the House System is to further the mission of Bishop McNamara by building a stronger school community through enjoyable (fun!) experiences. The goal is to affirm the principle that each Bishop McNamara student has a place among her/her peers, enabling them to build strong personal, spiritual, and collegial relationships, reinforcing Bishop McNamara’s sense of community, and forming its conscientious leaders.

House System Goals

The House System interweaves all aspects of life at Bishop McNamara by setting the following goals:


The House System builds strong leaders who lead by example and to give a strong voice to each of the four classes within the five House communities, while building excellent follower skills for those whose desire to lead may not be.


The House System provides opportunities for students to work together towards a common goal, collaborating on projects, in competitions, and towards the greater mission of building a strong and vibrant student community.

Community Outreach

The House System builds relationships with more people in the greater community so as to be able to extend even further our arms of service.

Pride in Place

The House System increases greater ownership of the school through leadership opportunities that help each student appreciate the special community that is Bishop McNamara.


The House System builds spirit and identity by engaging students in fun and unifying activities and in intramural sports. In other words: FUN!

2019-2020 House Events

August 15 Captain Meeting

August 23 Sports & S'mores 

September 18  Captain Meeting

September 20  House Induction Ceremony

October 16  House Meeting

October 19 Scarecrow/Pumpkin Contest

October 31 Fall Games

November 1- 14 Thanksgiving Food Drive

November 17 Sunday Sports

November 20 House Meeting

December 6 Christmas Tree Decorating

January 15 House Meeting

January 17 House Videos

February 7 Karaoke and Salsa Contest

February 19 House Meeting

February 22 Winter Ball

March 18 House Meeting

April 2 Cupcake Wars

April 22 House Meeting

May 1 Spring Games