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What Is It?

A high school career is just 1460 days short. At Bishop McNamara, we're giving students the tools and resources they need to make every day count. Every day is part of the journey to the next level whether that's college/university, serving our country in the armed forces, or joining the work force.

Irish 1460, make every day count.

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Irish 1460 Bridge Night

In order to start the 1460-day journey off right, this night will spark the beginning of your child’s high school career by providing the necessary tools for the first of those 1460 days.

Specifically, the evening will focus on two critical areas: to officially roll out two new programs that could directly impact the Class of 2023 and to answer questions from both parents and students. First, we are excited to officially announce the Exemplar Scholars Program and the KCC/Bishop McNamara Partnership. Both of these programs will afford students the opportunity to graduate with a wealth of real world experience as well as college credits and certification. Second, we will answer the many questions both parents and students have through the transition from elementary school/jr. high to high school.

Our informative sessions will offer you and your student the opportunity to hear from our Guidance Office, who will be providing helpful hints on how to be successful as a high school student and the four-year process of evaluating, applying to, and selecting a college or university of their choice. There will also be representatives from all of our clubs and organizations to provide you specific information on each. For example, come and hear about our newest club, the Robotics Club, as well as receive information on our new class offerings in Robotics. The night will end with three different sessions organized by athletic season: fall, winter, and spring. Meet the coaches and hear about the important information and specifics for athletics.


More Information

For more information, contact Mrs.Kelsey McGrath at or 815-932-7413.