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The Prefect Program

About the Prefect Program

Bishop McNamara's Student Leadership Program follows a developmentally appropriate sequence, with students being offered opportunities to become involved immediately upon their arrival in high school. Each student is invited to join (even create when possible) one of our many clubs and organizations. All students are appointed to join in the school-wide House Program. There are numerous opportunities for involvement, through which each student is able to learn more about her or his potential as a leader and follower.

The leadership roles become available as students grow and assert themselves in their co-curricular activities. The overall leadership curriculum has a pyramid design with the base serving as the focus of 9th- and 10th-graders, moving up the series of skills until their junior and senior year.

The leadership program emphasizes eight core elements which each student is exposed to in direct ways: personal mastery, moral foundation, communication skills, goal setting, organization, problem-solving, self-awareness, and inspiring & mobilizing others.

Aside from the inherent value in studying these skills, the Bishop McNamara Prefect Program has served as an excellent vehicle for integrating the academic program with the other programs of the school.

The Bishop McNamara Prefect Program challenges 10 student leaders each year to serve their school through significant contributions in all areas of the school community: student life, admissions, community service, fine arts, athletics, spiritual life, marketing, and the overall quality of the school experience. These leaders oversee councils comprised of additional selected students, establishing a full range of student ownership and involvement. All Prefects uphold the motto and vision of the school and what it stands for in word, action, and deed.

Positions Available

  • Head Prefect
  • Academic Prefect
  • Activities Prefect
  • Admissions Prefect
  • Athletic Prefect
  • Fine Arts Prefect
  • House Prefect
  • Marketing Prefect
  • Sacristan Prefect
  • Service Prefect

Download Application

Click here to download and print a Prefect application.