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A principal goal of Bishop McNamara Catholic School is to develop in the student a respect for self and others, pride in one’s appearance, and good conduct. These qualities aid in establishing a proper learning environment. To help develop these traits, Bishop McNamara Catholic School has adopted a dress code policy which is considerate of our aim to promote a feeling of equality for all while discouraging competition in dress. A respectful dress code helps promote a safe and appropriate learning environment free from distractions, while contributing to students’ preparation for success.

There are several factors to the Bishop McNamara uniforms:

  • Affordability
  • Neatness
  • Distinction
  • Character
  • Spirit
  • Comfort
  • Consistency
  • Modesty

Relaxed Uniform Dress Code

The Relaxed Uniform Dress Code will be in effect on the first day of school, Thursday, August 17th.

Please view the relaxed uniform dress code.

Lands' End Partnership

Bishop McNamara Catholic School has partnered with Lands' End to offer high-quality, affordable options for the approved uniform.

Visit the BMCS Lands' End page to view pricing and to order.

The uniform guidelines apply to students in grades K - 12. For a full list of uniform guides, see the Parent and Student Handbooks for each grade level.

Parent and Student Handbooks.

Preschool students will not wear uniforms for the 2022-23 school year.