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BMCS 37th Annual Dinner Auction, Roaring 20s, was held on Friday, November 6, 2020.

On behalf of the students, faculty, and administration, the BMCS Annual Dinner Auction Steering Committee would like to thank the over 500 guests who attended the event, our BMCS Major Sponsors, Annual Dinner Program Sponsors, Item Donors, and Volunteers. It was a huge success!

The Honorary Chairpersons, Dr. John and Carol Vallone were our honored guests. Both John and Carol have truly carried out our mission and vision of Catholic education by making a significant difference in the lives of many of our students, through their gracious and cheerful generosity of serving Bishop McNamara.

A multitude of thanks goes out to our Chairpersons, Jeremy and Laura '97 Andersen, whose commitment and dedication of time and sacrifices to make our evening a very special event for Bishop McNamara Catholic School.

Congratulations to our Progressive Raffle Winners! Best of Luck to everyone in the next Progressive Raffle Drawing on March 6, 2021.

Cheers to the Roaring 20s!


Honorary Chairpersons


Dr. & Mrs. John and Carol Vallone

37th Annual Dinner Auction Honorary Chairpersons

We are pleased to introduce Dr. & Mrs. John and Carol Vallone as our 37th Annual Dinner Auction Honorary Chairpersons. John and Carol are the parents of three daughters who are all Bishop McNamara alums. Lauren ’11 is studying to be a radiology tech, Gina ’13 graduated from the University of Illinois with a community health degree and is studying to obtain her bachelor’s degree in nursing, and Michela ’15 is studying to obtain her degree in computer science.

John and Carol have been dedicated to the mission of Bishop McNamara even after their daughters graduated. They chaired not one but two Bishop McNamara auctions, “Una Bella Festa Italiana” in 2010 and “Grand Ole Opry” in 2015. In addition, they’ve been longtime sponsors of the Fightin’ Irish 5K Ken Klipp Classic.

“It's important to us that we support Bishop McNamara because we want this school to continue to promote an excellent Catholic education for the children in our area. Bishop McNamara provided our girls with a Catholic education as well a comprehensive college prep education. They had all they needed to pursue their careers. It is very important to us that Bishop McNamara continues to educate the children in our area. The children really are important to our future and our community."

Event Chairpersons


Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy and Laura Andersen

37th Annual Dinner Auction Chairpersons

Our fall 2020 auction chairpersons, Jeremy and Laura Breault ’97 Andersen, will be working very hard with the steering committee to make the event extra special this year! Jeremy and Laura have three children in the Bishop McNamara Catholic School system. Harper, Marek, and Davis are all 4th graders at the BMCS Bourbonnais site.

Laura and Jeremy are dedicating their time to this important event in order to do whatever they can to ensure that Bishop McNamara continues to thrive for their kids and generations to come. 



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Progressive Raffle Drawing #1 Winners

We are excited to announce the winners for the first drawing in the Bishop McNamara Progressive Raffle! Just one $100 ticket enters Bishop McNamara Progressive Raffle ticket buyers into the next drawing on March 6th at Las Vegas In Bradley with prizes totaling $80,000!

All tickets go into the mix for future drawings.

Drawing #1 Winners

November 6, 2020 37th Annual Dinner Auction

$25,000 Grand Prize Winner

Jean Fuerst (Ticket #166)

$5,000 Winners

Sue Hodak (Ticket #1421)

Mike & Tina O’Connor (Ticket #7051)

$1,000 Winners

Mary Clancy Hall (Ticket # 5179)

Neil & Courtney Piggush (Ticket #6557)

Beth Collier (Ticket #4003)

$500 Winners

Debbie Shipley (Ticket #5226)

Matthew Munoz (Ticket #6654)

Elvira Alvarez (Ticket #4614)

George and Carol Berg (Ticket #1948)