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Irish Fund

Fund the vision. Each year there are new needs for the Irish Fund to Support!

At Bishop McNamara Catholic School we facilitate resources, guidance and individualized preparation to enable students to go on to great colleges. Our leadership is fully committed to affording students and their families with the in-house resources, expert guidance and continual classroom preparation needed to confidently make our students the best they can be.

Every gift makes an impact.

Last year, over $190,000 was donated by alumni, current families (including new families), and parents of alumni, making The Irish Fund, Bishop McNamara's most financially significant source of support. This spirit of generosity is helping a student receive a quality education and you are making it possible for the school to cover the full cost of every child's education, regardless of their family's financial means.

One community.

Please make your gift today to ensure that each of our students at Bishop McNamara Catholic School have the necessary tools to be successful. The Irish Fund for Bishop McNamara goes to support our students achievements, as well as operations including academics, faith formation, technology, student life-athletics and extracurricular activities, campus facilities and professional development.

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Gifts made to Bishop McNamara Catholic School (Federal Tax ID #81-1689541) are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the law.


Lisa Gerth
Advancement Specialist