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Drawing #1 Winners


We are excited to announce the winners for the first drawing in the Bishop McNamara Progressive Raffle! Just one $100 ticket enters Bishop McNamara Progressive Raffle ticket buyers into the next drawing on March 6th at Las Vegas In Bradley with prizes totaling $80,000!

All tickets go into the mix for future drawings.

Congratulations to the winners!

November 6, 2020 37th Annual Dinner Auction

$25,000 Grand Prize Winner

Jean Fuerst (Ticket #166 )

$5,000 Winners

Sue Hodak (Ticket #1421)

Mike & Tina O’Connor (Ticket #7051)

$1,000 Winners

Mary Clancy Hall (Ticket # 5179)

Neil & Courtney Piggush (Ticket #6557)

Beth Collier (Ticket #4003)

$500 Winners

Debbie Shipley (Ticket #5226)

Matthew Munoz (Ticket #6654)

Elvira Alvarez (Ticket #4614)

George and Carol Berg (Ticket #1948)



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If you have questions about the Bishop McNamara Progressive Raffle, please call our Progressive Raffle Hotline at 815-348-7610 or send an email to



Cash Prizes

Drawing #1

November 6, 2020 Annual Dinner Auction



Drawing #2

March 6, 2021 Las Vegas in Bradley




Winners will be drawn at each of the events listed above. Winning tickets will be placed back into the mix for each of the future drawings. Winner need not be present. Must be 21 years or over to win.

Winners must provide proof of identification and applicable tax information to claim prize. Winners are responsible for all taxes and need not be present.

Winners will be posted here on the school website.