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Progressive Raffle Drawing Details

What Is the Progressive Raffle?

The Bishop McNamara Progressive Raffle gives ticket purchasers multiple chances to win one of 35 prizes totaling $120,000. Just one $100 ticket enters Bishop McNamara Progressive Raffle ticket buyers into two drawings throughout the year: the Friday Night Lights Drawing on October 6, 2023 and the 40th Annual Gala on November 4, 2023. All winning tickets from the first drawing go back in the mix for future drawings – so the sooner you buy, the more chances you have to win! 

You can purchase Progressive Raffle tickets online, from one of the BMCS School Sites Main Office or from a BMCS family. Be sure to designate a family you wish to support. Online sales begin August 13th and end November 4th at 12pm.

With each ticket purchased, you enrich the experience for Bishop McNamara students. Your support helps prepare them for their next steps, whether that be kindergarten, junior high, high school, college, or beyond.


Drawing #1 Winners


Congratulations to the winners of the Bishop McNamara Progressive Raffle drawing! 

40th Annual Gala | November 4, 2023

$50,000 Grand Prize Winner

Nicole Frigo Ticket Number 7840

$5,000 (Three Winning Tickets)

Carol Burek Ticket Number 7285

Country Chevrolet Ticket Number 6627

Kitty Schuster Ticket Number 3927

$1,000 (Nine Winning Tickets)

Justin & Brooke Payne Ticket Number 4257

Prairie Bros. Construction Inc Ticket Number 3215

Macy Drazy & Jonathan Evans Ticket Number 8125

Lee Thacker Ticket Number 6784

Jim Webber Ticket Number 0158

Gary Menzel Ticket Number 5797

Sue Schierenbeck Ticket Number 5434

Shelleigh Skopik Ticket Number 0760

M. Ford Ticket Number 1711

$500 (Twelve Winning Tickets)

Todd Myers & Bruce Foss Ticket Number 5402

Sarah & Mike Brooks Ticket Number 7606

Bill Waburton Ticket Number 1582

Joe Armenise Sr. Ticket Number 0284

Netherton’s Body Shop Ticket Number 5913

Ryan Laurenti Ticket Number 4835

Jeremy & Anna Landrie Ticket Number 0787

Anthony Digregorio Ticket Number 3030

Melissa Sederholm Ticket Number 5022

Jim Brosseau Ticket Number 3522

Mike Nilsson Ticket Number 4158

Teresa Clodi Ticket Number 4761

Friday Night Lights | October 6, 2023

$25,000 Grand Prize Winner

Brandon Casey, Ticket Number 4122

$5,000 (Two Winning Tickets)

Chris Gabel, Ticket Number 7383

Marc Costanza, Ticket Number 0520

$1,000 (Three Winning Tickets)

Malgorzata Dobosz, Ticket Number 1344

Chris Martin, Ticket Number 1972

Bernie & Jody Thompson, Ticket Number 0078

$500 (Four Winning Tickets)

Amanda Logan, Ticket Number 3794

Darren Barker, Ticket Number 7346

Neil Beeson, Brett Long, Ray Stay, Bryan Bailey, Ticket Number 0491

Robert Bond, Ticket Number 7897

Cash Prizes

For more details about the Bishop McNamara Progressive Raffle or to view the specific payouts for each event below..


Progressive Raffle Drawing 1 Details
Progressive Raffle Drawing 2 Details


Winners will be drawn at each of the events listed above. Winning tickets will be placed back into the mix for each of the future drawings. Winner need not be present. Must be 21 years or over to win.

Winners must provide proof of identification and applicable tax information to claim prize. Winners are responsible for all taxes and need not be present.

Winners will be posted here on the school website.