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Thank You!


THANK YOU to all who purchased a ticket in the Progressive Raffle. Because of you it was such a huge success!

With each ticket purchased, you have enriched the experience for Bishop McNamara students. Your support helps prepare them for their next steps, whether that be kindergarten, junior high, high school, college, or beyond.

Congratulations to the winners of the second and final Bishop McNamara Progressive Raffle drawing! Winners were drawn at the virtual Las Vegas in Bradley event on Saturday, March 6, 2021.

Drawing #2 Winners


We are excited to announce the winners for the second drawing in the Bishop McNamara Progressive Raffle!

Congratulations to the winners!

March 6, 2021 Las Vegas in Bradley

$50,000 Grand Prize Winner

Steve Wunder (Ticket #3058)

$5,000 Winners

Jim & Dolly LaRocque (Ticket #0919)

Anna Stewart & Brittany VadeBonCouer (Ticket #1054)

Peter Christie Family (Ticket #7337)

$1,000 Winners

Judy Surprenant, Jr.(Ticket #6383)

Chris Shires (Ticket #6077)

Andy & Sherri Cryer (Ticket #6115)

Jim & Maggie Frogge (Ticket #7064)

Carolyn Koerner (Ticket #5913)

Jeremy Silcox (Ticket #3558)

Rebecca Wainwright (Ticket #1607)

Kim Piggush, Jane Alger, Laura Andersen, Colleen Wood, Erin Darling, Melody McGowen, Vicki Stroo, Kyle Bukowski, Steve Langelett, Tricia Surprenant (Ticket #3369)

Chris Ekhoff (Ticket #7163)

$500 Winners

Rob & Sharon Casino (Ticket #2639)

Julianne Post (Ticket #2565)

Ed Demarah (Ticket #0204)

Heather (Croix) Johnson, Laura Rewerts, Betsy Benoit, Komal Gujarathi, Betsy Keller (Ticket #7033)

Jeff Arseneau (Ticket #6629)

Joseph Mulligan (Ticket #7194)

Rick Gilbert (Ticket #3937)

Marla Blanchette (Ticket #2644)

Daniel Stanfa (Ticket #3148)

Dan & Mary Sainmons (Ticket #4828)

Ryan Brosseau (Ticket #5106)

Kevin Panizzi Family (Ticket #7510)

Drawing #1 Winners


Congratulations to the winners of the first Bishop McNamara Progressive Raffle drawing! 

Congratulations to the winners!

November 6, 2020 37th Annual Dinner Auction

$25,000 Grand Prize Winner

Jean Fuerst (Ticket #166 )

$5,000 Winners

Sue Hodak (Ticket #1421)

Mike & Tina O’Connor (Ticket #7051)

$1,000 Winners

Mary Clancy Hall (Ticket # 5179)

Neil & Courtney Piggush (Ticket #6557)

Beth Collier (Ticket #4003)

$500 Winners

Debbie Shipley (Ticket #5226)

Matthew Munoz (Ticket #6654)

Elvira Alvarez (Ticket #4614)

George and Carol Berg (Ticket #1948)


If you have questions about the Bishop McNamara Progressive Raffle, please call our Progressive Raffle Hotline at 815-348-7610 or send an email to

Cash Prizes

Drawing #1

November 6, 2020 Annual Dinner Auction



Drawing #2

March 6, 2021 Las Vegas in Bradley