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At Bishop McNamara, students experience something more. Thanks to our culture, our teachers, our Catholicity and our vision. It is the accepting nature of our close-knit student body which encourages individuality, the genuine love of our teachers that inspire self confidence, the Catholicity of our culture which embeds true character, and the progressive vision of our leadership team that transforms us into a forward-thinking school.

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At Bishop McNamara students have time to find their own innate spirituality. As a Catholic school that openly welcomes students and families of all faiths and backgrounds, we provide our students with the time, encouragement and insight to kindle that innate spirituality lying within their hearts.

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At Bishop McNamara we facilitate resources, guidance and individualized preparation to enable students to go on to a greater education journey. Our leadership is fully committed to affording students and their families with the in-house resources, expert guidance and continual classroom preparation needed.

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At Bishop McNamara, student think big as a result of manged class sizes which promote participation, candid student discussions that spill into the hallways, ever-available teachers, specialized staff, and young men and women who truly want to come to school each day.

Choose to Fund the Creativity

At Bishop McNamara teachers ensure that students feel like more than just another student. Our teachers invest their time and their hearts in knowing the real student. They understand that for them to truly become the very best student and the very best human being they can be, they themselves must be more than just a teacher.

Choose to Fund the Performance

At Bishop McNamara Catholic School we believe that school is as much about taking chances and occasionally failing as it is about academically preparing for the next step in one's educational path. We loudly encourage all of our students to step out of their comfort zone and do something unexpected. School is about them...learning how - how to take a chance, how to fail, how to get back up, and ultimately how to feel good about themselves no matter what.


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Areca Van Mill
Director of Advancement

Tricia Surprenant
Director of Finance